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Products - Micronized Pentaerythritol

Micronized Pentaerythritol

Micronized technical pentaerythritol

Technical name:
Pentaerythritol technical micronized

Mark of product:
- High grade
- First grade

Tetrahydroxyneopentane, tetramethylolmethane, tetraoxymethylmethane

CAS no:

EC no:

REACH registration number:

Chemical formula:

Pentaerythritol production started in Gubakha in 1982 and is currently operated by PJSC “Metafrax”. Micronized technical pentaerythritol is produced from technical pentaerythritol by milling up to required particles distribution.

Physical and chemical properties


Indicator Norm for grade
High grade
First grade
1.  Appearance
White crystalline powder  
2. Mass fraction of monopentaerythritol, %, min
98,0 95,0
3. Melting temperature, °C, min
4. Mass fraction of water and  volatile products, % max
0,1 0,2
5. Mass fraction of ash, %, max
0,0015 0,01
6. Chromaticity of fusion cake by Pt-Co scale, max
100 200
7. Mass fraction of hydroxyl groups, % 49,7-50,0
8. Mass fraction of residue after sieving with the screen size 0,04 mm., %, max 1*
9. pH of water solution with mass fraction 5% 5,0-7,0
* smaller particle size can be available upon request.



Micronized technical pentaerythritol is used for production of fire-retardant intumescent paints and coatings, pentaphthalic lacquers, PVC stabilizers (plasticizers), printing inks, synthetic lubricants and alkyd resins.

Data on Product

Reference values:
Boiling temperature – 410 ºC subliming

Flammable substance. Dust is fire-hazardous.
Ignition temperature – 270 ºC,
Self-ignition temperature – 435 ºC

Product is moderately hazardous by the level of exposure on human organism.

Safety precautions

Keep away from ignition sources, sparks and open flame, no smoking, use of gloves is required. Use explosion-proof equipment and lighting. Keep away from static electricity. Avoid dust inhalation. Do not take dirty working clothes away from a workplace. Extinguish with sprayed water with penetrating agents, aerosol compositions. Upon contact with skin - rinse with a lot of water and soap.


Multilayer moisture-proof paper bags net mass 25 kg

Applied means of transport

Micronized technical pentaerythritol is transported by all means of roofed transport according to the general rules of cargo transportation.

Classification of hazardous cargo: (acc. to UN recommendations for hazard cargo transportation)

Micronized technical pentaerythritol is non-hazardous cargo and it is not classified by UN recommendations.

Conditions and duration of safe storage

Micronized technical pentaerythritol is stored in closed dry warehouses with relative humidity of max 60%, protected from direct sunlight, on pallets at a distance of min 5 cm from the floor and min 1 m from heating devices. It is not recommended to unit loads on top of each other.
Storage period of micronized technical pentaerythritol shall not exceed 1 year from the date of manufacturing.


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Metadynea Trading has been renamed to Metafrax Trading International SA and  changed its office address


April 12th 2019

Metadynea Trading has been renamed to Metafrax Trading International SA and  changed its office address.

Our company has changed the name to Metafrax Trading International SA and office address to Via Balestra 3/5, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland.

Our new office phone number is +41 91 9115370.

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