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Technical dipentaerythritol consists of dipentaerythritol with minor organic impurities.


Technical dipentaerythritol is a byproduct in pentaerythritol production.

Physical and chemical properties

Appearance: white crystalline powder

Name of parameter A B C
Mass fraction of dipentaerythritol, %, min 93,0 90,0 80,0
Melting temperature, C, min 205
Mass fraction of water and volatile products, %, max 0,1 0,2 0,6
Mass fraction of ash, %, max 0,05
Chromaticity of fusion cake by Gardner scale, max 3 -
Mass fraction of hydroxyl groups, % (37-41


Synthetic lubricants
PVC stabilizers (plasticizers)
Alkyd resins
Rosin esters
Intumescent coatings



Bags 25 kg
Polypropylene with polyethylene inner liner
Bags 25 kg
Multilayer moisture proof paper bags
FIBC 500-100kg


* Commercial production is scheduled to start in third quarter of 2018.


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Metadynea Trading is marketing and distribution subsidiary of PJSC "Metafrax" - biggest Russian methanol and hexamine producer and the only pentaerythritol manufacturer in Eastern Europe.


June 06th 2018

Metadynea Trading S.A. has been ranked by "ICIS Top 100 Chemical Distributors", this year acquiring 77th place.

it's now a second time Metadynea Trading SA has been ranked by "ICIS top 100 chemical distributors" and this year we have got 77th place in the global ranking.

ICIS also ranked us as

32nd in Middle East/Africa

49th in Europe

68th in Asia

90th in North America


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