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Our Team

Ivan Mazourenko
director, sales of bulk methanol   

Alexander Maksimov
director, sales of hexamine (urotropine)   

Vasily Mikhaylov
trading manager, sales of truck/rail methanol and pentaerythritol, methanol logistics, chartering

Alexander Vorobey
logistics director, sales of pentaerythritol within EU, containers/warehouses/trucks logistics for pentaerythritol and hexamine (urotropine)   

Viktoria Smelova
manager, hexamine (urotropine) orders and logistics

Christine Zimmerli
finance and administration manager, administrative issues and payments management   

Hayk Mahtesyan
financial director, accounting, reporting and consolidation

Miguel Fuente
accountant/financial controller, accounting, reporting and consolidation

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Metadynea Trading is marketing and distribution subsidiary of PJSC "Metafrax" - biggest Russian methanol and hexamine producer and the only pentaerythritol manufacturer in Eastern Europe.


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