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October 18th 2018

Metafrax Group has successfully participated in 52nd EPCA annual meeting

Delegations from Metafrax, Metadynea Switzerland and Metadynea Austria have totally held more than 100 meetings during 06-10 October in Vienna.

Most of meetings were held at the meeting room, organized in one of the most trendy Viennese hotels – Grand Ferdinand. Spacious restaurant space was converted into traverse point of multinational and regional businesses, allowing to present Group activities through banners, roll-ups, printed and video production.

Apart from discussing day-to-day business issues, Companies managed to meet
- major suppliers and consumers of methanol, hexamine, pentaerythritol and phthalic anhydride,
- logistics partners, including shipowners, brokers and transhipment terminal operators,
- licensors and contractors,
discussing main market-drivers and trends, which may affect the Group activities in the coming years.

All these meetings have underlined continued proactive Metafrax position on the European chemical market and should help the group to continue its growth both on domestic and worldwide markets.

EPCA is the European Petrochemical Association, the quality network for the global chemical business community in Europe.
Provides platforms to meet, exchange ideas, transfer knowledge and support learning, and serves as a think tank for its members and its stakeholders.
Operates for more than 700 member companies from 54 different countries.

September 14th 2018

EPCA 52nd annual meeting

On October 7th – 10th Metafrax Group (Metafrax, Metadynea Trading SA, Metadynea Austria GmbH) will be present at the 52nd EPCA - The European Petrochemical Association Annual Meeting in Vienna.

Our team will be happy to meet you there to discuss possible business opportunities and share our latest developments. Don't hesitate to write to to arrange a meeting.

Feel free to drop in our meeting room, which will be located at one of the most fashionable restaurants in Vienna Meissl&Schadn at Schubertring 10-12 (opposite Ritz-Carlton Hotel) and find out latest news about our Group (brochures, presentations and financial reports will be available for distribution).

Looking forward to see you in Vienna!


July 16th 2018

For the first time Metafrax and Metadynea Trading attended European Technical Coatings Congress in Amsterdam.

This year congress took place during 26-29 June in historical building of former stock exchange (Beurs van Berlage) in the centre of Amsterdam.

For the first time this congress was co-organized by Federation of Associations of Technicians for Industry of Paints
in European Countries
 (FATIPEC), The Oil & Colour Chemists Association (OCCA) and Coatings Science International (CoSI). It gathered more than 400 R&D experts in coatings industry from many multinational and mid-size companies from all over the world.

4-days congress was full of sessions (3-4 sessions on different topics were held simultaneously), topics were mainly dedicated to technical aspects of paint, paint raw materials as well as the most recent progress in coatings science and technology.

“This was a first-time experience of such kind for Metafrax Group, the only pentaerythritol manufacturer in Eastern Europe. It was very useful to meet and talk face-to-face with experts, who take final decision, which raw materials shall be used in currently developed products”, says Vasily Mikhaylov, representative of Metadynea Trading, marketing subsidiary of Metafrax Group.

“This event was very inspiring, as it broadened my horizon of understanding, in which finished goods our raw material is used and how important is to meet certain criteria for particular consumers - manufacturers of paints and coatings”, says Vadim Dik, deputy head of pentaerythritol and hexamine production units. “Launch of dipentaerythritol unit, which is expected still this year - requires discussion of numerous technical aspects with the users, this congress is a very well-represented platform for meeting many existing and prospective customers at a single place”, so Mr. Dik.

June 06th 2018

Metadynea Trading S.A. has been ranked by "ICIS Top 100 Chemical Distributors", this year acquiring 77th place.

it's now a second time Metadynea Trading SA has been ranked by "ICIS top 100 chemical distributors" and this year we have got 77th place in the global ranking.

ICIS also ranked us as

32nd in Middle East/Africa

49th in Europe

68th in Asia

90th in North America

April 09th 2018

Metadynea Trading S.A. the affiliated company of PJSC Metafrax, and Sunghong Co. Ltd. (Korea) have established the joint venture SamyangMeta Ltd.

The enterprise was registered in Seoul (South Korea) on February 1, 2018. The Trading Company should strengthen the trading positions of group of companies “Metafrax” in the territory of East Asia, and first of all in Korea.
This refers to gain in sales of hexamine and pentaerythritol in the above area. First 200 tons of the products will be delivered by a trading company in Seoul, in April. In the future it is planned to expand the sales geography to other countries of East Asia.
Today the group of companies “Metafrax” delivers about 2 000 t of hexamine and about 1 000 t of pentaerythritol to the Asian countries. In the future, the annual turnover will reach 4 000 t of hexamine, 2 000 t of pentaerythritol and 15 000 t of methanol. At the same time, the company is considering possibility to deliver the product from Korea to the European market through the joint venture.
Management of “Metafrax” leaves open that new production facilities will be created on the base of joint venture. Armen Garslyan, Chairman of the Board, PJSC “Metafrax” comments, “Europe is intelligible and comfortable for us in terms of doing business, moreover Metadynea Austria, the affiliated company of “Metafrax”, is operating there. We enter to the Asian market together with a local company, which is not only a trader, but also it has its own production facilities. It is a good top-grade market. If the sales go well, then in the future the joint venture SamyangMeta can build a new plant in Korea or in Russia”.

Alexander Maksimov, the member of the Board of a new created joint venture, adds, “For culture and historical reasons, members of the Asian business prefer do business through their agents. We believe that in the person of Sunghong we have acquired a reliable and long-term partner who will help us to open not only the market in AP Region, but also it will contribute to “Metafrax” brand awareness in the region. Even today we deliver the products to Japanese world-known companies. I am sure that the main effect from the present collaboration will be the greatest in our future”.

Eric Sungwoo Park / Management Planning Director of Samyang Chemical Group:
“Samyangmeta is our valuable access key to Russia and Europe as well as to go beyond our limited supply capability. Also we believe this JV is your key to Asia including Japan and Korea which are the world’s number 2, 3 natural gas importers. Therefore the Korean and Japanese market situation is too low manufacturing and high demand regarding gas chemicals such as methanol, ammonia, urea, melamine etc. Samyangmeta will create numerous opportunities in technology, investment and marketing and finally realize mutual benefits of Metafrax and Samyang Chemical.”

For reference
Limited Company «SamyangMeta Ltd.» (Seoul, Korea).
Established: 01.02.2018
Members: Sunghong Co., Ltd. (Seoul, Korea) (50%) and Metadynea Trading SA (Geneva, Switzerland) (50%).
- President – Yongseok Sohn
- Vice-president - Ralph Peter Theuer
Sunghong was established in 2004. In 2005 a regional representative office was established in Shanghai. In 2006 an agreement of methanol supply was signed with Mitsubishi Corporation (Japan). Total turnover in 2017: KRW 54 billion (more than RUB 2,8 billion.) Main products: chemicals, minerals. Sunghong is an affiliated company of Samyang Chemical Group.
Samyang Chemical was established in 1974; its headquarter is located in Seoul (South Korea). The group of companies includes 12 affiliate companies in total over various business based on the chemical industry. Total turnover in 2017: KRW 222,5 billion (more than RUB 11,5 billion)

Metadynea Trading SA (Switzerland, Geneva), a trading company, was established on November 14, 2014, it is included in group of companies “Metafrax”. The company arranges the sales of product produced by PJSC “Metafrax” to international markets, particularly methanol, pentaerythritol, and hexamine.
The sales geography includes more 50 countries; the company disposes of storage facilities in Finland, Netherlands and Poland. It is dealing with buffer warehousing in Spain and the USA. The annual turnover in 2017: over 165 mln EURO.

March 12th 2018

Metadynea Trading S.A. has been listed in ELID (European Lubricants Industry Directory) as supplier of pentaerythritol.

Weblink to our listing is available here.

January 9th 2018

European methanol futures contract expects be launched by mid March

One of the international trading platforms will be officially launching a listed methanol futures product mid-march time.   

In a hope to facilitate liquidity and bring more transparency to the market - Metadynea is proud to be one of the first companies, who raised practical interest in this product and shared its market knowledge with trading platforms to make this happen.   


November 16th 2017

Metadynea Trading is mentioned in ICIS news as one of the companies interested in methanol futures   

Europe takes first steps towards methanol derivative market
15 November 2017 21:03
LONDON (ICIS)--At least two European methanol market players have made bids or offers for swaps on Wednesday, representing the first steps taken in the hopes of establishing a full-blown methanol paper market.
Commodity trading firm Mercuria Energy Trading and British oil major BP are understood to have made bids and offers for methanol swaps via a broker, Starsupply Commodity Brokers.
Mercuria’s bid and offer levels were offered against the average ICIS spot December quotation. It was confirmed with a company source. BP declined to confirm any details.
A third market participant, Russia’s Metadynea, also put out a physical bid for December loading. A company source said this was intended to boost transparency with the eventual aim of supporting the full launch of a paper market.
Metadynea’s bid was for T1 rated product (as opposed to T2, which is effectively product which has EU duties paid).
Up to nine or ten methanol industry participants are understood to have expressed an interest in the swaps activity, according to a source familiar with the matter.
Growing industry interest in a derivatives market emerged at the European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) conference in early October, though there was both enthusiasm and scepticism.
One industry source with knowledge of the matter said: “This is something which has been launched today. The idea… is to build certain liquidity on the methanol market to be able to launch some paper instruments related to methanol.”
According to one party involved, the Chinese methanol market and European fuel ethanol market could be examples of success.
“If there are [more] people… it should go on. In China, it took over. Now, it’s the main way to trade methanol. Here, it will be a little bit more difficult because there is the quarterly price,” said the industry player.


November 3rd 2017

Metadynea Trading plans to attend 20th IMPCA Asian Methanol Conference in Singapore during 7-9 November 2017.

Feel free to contact us at to reserve time for meeting.


October 16th 2017

Metadynea Trading, Controlled by Seyfeddin Roustamov, Carries Out a Trial Delivery of Micronized Hexamine to American Producers of Compounds

In 2018-19, the company’s shipments on the US market will increase up to 3 thousand tons or over US$ 2.5 Million.

In 2018-19, the company’s shipments on the US market will increase up to 3 thousand tons or over US$ 2.5 million. The expansion of deliveries will be possible due to the market launch of a new fine chemicals product – micronized hexamethylenetetramine (hexamine).

The trial delivery of the commercial batch of the micronized product has already been carried out to one of America’s largest producers of compounds. The product may be of interest to the suppliers of materials for the aircraft industry, industrial resins and crop protection agents.

To facilitate work with American consumers, the company is considering the possibility of setting up a buffer storage in Michigan with capacity of several hundreds of tons, that would allow delivery to customers at a prompt notice.

“Our current presence on the US market is quite limited, we supply one of methanol derivatives – hexamine. In the meantime, we constantly look at distribution opportunities and build contacts with a number of US consumers”, noted Seyfeddin Roustamov, beneficiary of the company.

Metadynea Trading, a trader with its headquarters in Switzerland, is involved in sales of chemical products (methanol, hexamine, pentaerythritol). The annual revenue of the company is over US$ 100 million. Current company’s customers portfolio includes leading world companies such as Akzo Nobel, BASF, Dow Chemical, Eastman Chemical. The volume of deliveries to the US market during last three years exceeded 7000 tons, which es equivalent to US$ 6 million. The company ranks among ICIS Top 100 Chemical Distributors.

Metadynea Trading is a part of Metafrax group of companies, one of the largest producers of methanol and formaldehyde in Russia and Europe. Majority shareholder of PJSC Metafrax is Russian company MetaHolding, which is controlled by Seyfeddin Roustamov.

Hexamine is a chemical product used in a number of industries such as production of industrial resins, industrial rubber goods, explosive materials, fuel tablets and means of chemical treatment for mineral fertilizers.



October 16th 2017

Our dipentaerythritol has been registered for REACH

Metadynea successfully registered dipentaerythritol with ECHA, so now we are fully compliant with REACH legislation and ready to import this product into EU.

As announced earlier, first commercial samples of dipentaerythritol are expected in 2Q2018.

Feel free to contact us at to request specifications. Be the first to get samples, once they become available!


September 25th 2017

Our brochure is here!   

Dear Colleagues,
we are pleased to share our new brochure, covering all products manufactured by PJSC "Metafrax". Feel free to download it here  brochure.pdf (5.50 MB).


September 4th 2017

Metadynea Trading starts premarketing activities of dipentaerythritol, production is planned to start in 2Q2018.

Dipentaerythritol is obtained as byproduct in the manufacture of pentaerythritol, it is separated by fractional distillation.

Main uses are flame retardants, intermediates, lubricants and lubricant additives, paint additives and coating additives.

May you be interested to review our specification or subscribe to the list of sample receivers - please don't hesitate to send your request to


July 24th 2017

Metadynea Trading has been included into ICIS Top 100 Chemical Distributors ranking

We are proud to get listed at ICIS Top 100 Chemical Distributors ranking available here:

Our company has been ranked as 

39 in Middle East / Africa

61 in Europe

104 worldwide

114 in North America


May 17th 2017

Metadynea Trading got listed as supplier of pentaerythritol at SpecialChem

We are proud to get listed as pentaerythritol supplier at


May 12th 2017

EPCA 51st annual meeting

Dear Colleagues,
This year EPCA annual meeting takes place in Berlin and as usual we will be widely represented by whole team of methanol, hexamine and pentaerythritol traders, top-management of our manufacturing plant and holding company. Please don't hesitate to contact us to reserve time slot for a meeting during 30th of September - 4th of October.
Looking forward to see you.


March 24th 2017

IMPCA 29th European Mini-Conference Hamburg 8 & 9 June 2017

Metadynea plans to attend IMPCA 29th European Mini-Conference Hamburg 8 & 9 June 2017, feel free to contact us to reserve time for Meeting.


March 6th 2017

Chemspec conference    

Metadynea plans to attend Chemspec conference during 31 May – 1 June 2017 in Munich, feel free to contact us to reserve time for meeting.  


March 6th 2017

European Coatings Show Conference

Metadynea plans to attend European Coatings Show Conference during 4-6 April 2017 in Nuremberg, feel free to contact us to reserve time for meeting.



December 17th 2016    

PCI Paint & Coatings Buyers Guide

We are proud to get listed as pentaerythritol supplier at PCI Paint & Coatings Buyers Guide







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Metadynea Trading has been renamed to Metafrax Trading International SA and  changed its office address


April 12th 2019

Metadynea Trading has been renamed to Metafrax Trading International SA and  changed its office address.

Our company has changed the name to Metafrax Trading International SA and office address to Via Balestra 3/5, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland.

Our new office phone number is +41 91 9115370.

We are working on our new website design and will inform once it's going online.


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