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Metadynea Trading S.A. (Switzerland) is trading subsidiary of PJSC "Metafrax".

Company is active in marketing and sales of liquid/solid chemical products, core ones are methanol, hexamine and pentaerythritol (including micronized grades). It operates several liquid tank farms and has a solid footprint worldwide via network of partnering warehouses, allowing to be closer to the customer.

Acting as a trading company - Metadynea optimizes utilization of existing logistics infrastructure, buying and selling third party products, which are consumed by the same industries.

These days chemicals distribution industry lives in complete data transparency and Metadynea sees its competitive advantage in establishing long-term cooperation with strategic partners, keeping close ties with manufacturers, traders, distributors and end-users.

Metadynea team consists of highly experienced professionals with commodity and specialty chemicals trading background, marine and inland transportation, international structured financing and accounting.

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Metadynea Trading is marketing and distribution subsidiary of PJSC "Metafrax" - biggest Russian methanol and hexamine producer and the only pentaerythritol manufacturer in Eastern Europe.


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